Disney have been getting a lot of attention for feminism lately, with all of its films being analysed in a search for the theme. However, if you look a little passed the main characters other sociology theme are present. Pocahontas is a good example of this. The British men are lead by Governor Ratcliffe. He doesn’t have many reframing qualities. He isn’t brave, he’s the sort of man who makes others do his dirty work. I believe his main purpose in the movie is to contrast with John who leads by example and kindness. 

Ratcliffe leads by appearing above the others. He materialistically imposes his power. For example the gold throne on the boat, his special tent and the way he treats his pig better than his men. This gives him the aura of being godlike and more powerful than he is. This is reinforced by his motivational speeches. 

However, by the end of the movie the men over throw him. This is such an underrated scene. It represents history. The poor overthrowing their out of touch leader. This is socialism. The lesson here is that to rule you must participate. A king should fight in his own war and head chef should stir the soup.