Street Music

It’s amazing how much of an affect the simplest of this can have on us. Yesterday I found myself strolling through the gorgeous city centre of Nottingham with one of my best friends. We were supposed to be job hunting but after a couple of hours it descended into a Costa Coffee date and some retail therapy. 

Our journey took us up a clustered street. On the corner were three men mostly of Caribbean heritage where playing the drums and singing. It felt exotic. In my head we were wandering up a cobbled road bordered with endless rows of colourful stalls and the salty sea air toying with my hair. Moments later, at the end of the same walkway and elderly gentleman was masterfully playing the violin. Suddenly all the modernisms of current Nottingham vanished and suddenly we  were whisked back to the Victorian era. Top hats and murder galore. 

I began to think how much of an impact street music has. It’s music you tend not to listen to everyday and you can’t escape it. It follows you up every alleys. Maybe next time you hear it, let it catch you and allow your imagination to run wild.